Automated Active Sonar Interference Avoidance Algorithms (ASIA)

For NAVSEA, we developed algorithms and software to address the effects of mutual interference (MI) from active sonar systems, which can degrade the performance of sonar receivers.  Specifically, high noise and trailing reverberation can obscure real target detections, and excessive clutter can create false alarms and degrade tracking.  We developed Active Sonar Interference Avoidance Plan (ASIAP) modules that optimally mitigate active interference among ship and air active sensors by recommending search routes and aircraft pattern locations for ASW search and screening applications.  These modules use sonar-equation based MI-adjusted search effectiveness models and metrics for ASW search and screening that adjust and accurately account for the effects of MI on sensor performance in complex acoustic environments.  Outputs include recommendations for sonar operating modes among a group of active platforms and optimal search plans that maximize mission effectiveness in multiple ASW missions (e.g., area search, barrier search, datum search, high-value unit (HVU) screening).  We also formulated techniques to automatically monitor MI in near-real-time and recommend updated plans.

Cumulative Detection Probability (CDP) increased to 78%, from 67%, due to mitigation of active sonar Mutual Interference (MI)