Mathematical Finance

Wagner Math Finance uses the power of mathematics to produce solutions for our clients in finance and industry. We have the quantitative skills to provide financial planners, portfolio managers and risk management professionals with effective software and consulting solutions. Our solutions take the form of ready-to-use off the shelf software for portfolio optimization, retirement planning, and portfolio management style analysis as well as customized software modules and consulting for our clients.

Retirement Spending Planner (RSP)

As employers move from defined-benefit to defined-contribution plans, and employees increasingly rely on IRA’s and 401k’s instead of traditional pensions, it has never been more important for individuals and their financial advisors to carefully and realistically plan for retirement. Such

Style Analysis

Style analysis determines the exposures of a fund to different asset classes, such as growth stocks or value stocks, by comparing the historical returns of the fund with the returns of the asset classes.  Our WAstyler does this in a Microsoft Excel workbook using a quadratic

MVO Library

The premier product in our suite of Mean-Variance Optimization software is the MVO Library. A limited version of the library is the optimization engine used by M-V Optimizer. While the MVO Library offers many advanced features, we can

M-V Optimizer

NOTE:  The entry-level M-V Optimizer product is no longer available for purchase, as its maintenance costs now exceed projected sales. For applications developers, website developers, or large-scale real-time traders, the MVO Library is the appropriate choice.

The Mean-Variance (M-V) Optimizer