Mission Planning

Daniel H. Wagner Associates has a long history of developing effective mission planning systems. From early work in antisubmarine warfare (ASW), to one of the first computer-assisted search and rescue (SAR) tools, to recent development of components for the ASW mission planner onboard the MH-60R helicopter, Wagner Associates effectively combines sophisticated algorithms with easy-to-use human interfaces to support mission planners. This page contains some of our notable achievements in Mission Planning.


During the early 1980s, Wagner Associates supported Navy Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW). While stationed in Italy, Dr. W. Reynolds Monach used MEDSEARCH to effectively support the search for Russian submarines in the Mediterranean (think “Hunt for Red October”).

Computer Assisted Search Planner (CASP) – First of its Kind

In developing CASP (1972), Wagner Associates established itself as the premier search planning firm, successfully supporting the US Coast Guard’s search and rescue (SAR) efforts.

Early Search Planning Successes

During its long history, Wagner Associates has taken part in many high-profile search and rescue (SAR) operations.