Decision Support for Dynamic Target Engagement (DS DTE)

Teamed with Penn State University and its Applied Research Lab, and under a subcontract to Solers, Inc., Daniel H. Wagner Associates developed an advanced information management architecture to provide timely and accurate decision support during dynamic target engagement. This agent-based information management process 1) receives and manages information requests through a standard Web Service interface, 2) attempts to retrieve information from the local data store, 3) consolidates off-board requests to reduce message traffic, 4) determines and invokes the optimal path to available information to satisfy those requests, 5) invokes appropriate transformations on returned information based on requester preferences, and 6) synchronizes process state and information across federated nodes using peer-to-peer (P2P) protocols.  During Spiral Three of this project for ONR, we implemented the information management process within the overall decision support architecture for Maritime Dynamic Targeting (MDT).

decision support software agents

DS DTE Agent Architecture (Built on Cougaar)