Detailed Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV) Modeling and Simulation System (DAMS)

Teamed with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Spatial Integrated Systems (SIS), we developed open system architecture (OSA) modeling and simulation (M&S) components that:

  • Simulate an entire environment using an intuitive user interface
  • Execute a complex scenario with all relevant information visualized in a browser
  • Provide easily composed intelligent threat, friendly, and neutral entities
    • including distributed data fusion to create accurate Common Operational Picture (COP) in Denied/Disconnected, Intermittent, and/or Low Bandwidth (D/DIL) communications environment
  • Provide militarily effective Situational Awareness (SA) picture (e.g., quality of GPS, quality of off-board data, potential surprises, communication network status, accurate target location, capabilities and intent estimation)
  • Support evaluation of operationally relevant metrics

Use of Intuitive Browser-Based User Interface (UI) to Create Scenario with Two Friendly Aircraft, Two Threat Aircraft, and Three Static Threat Targets