Relevant Common Tactical Picture (RCTP)

RCTP creates a decluttered, accurate, and near-zero latency Common Tactical Picture (CTP) or Common Operational Picture (COP) on each Command and Control (C2) node based on all available kinematic (i.e., positional) and non-kinematic (i.e., attribute) data from all nodes and theater and national sensors.  RCTP was built on the Track-to-Object Multiple Hypothesis Data Association and Fusion Module (TOAM).  Running with extensive operational fleet data, ODMS has reduced clutter while making no known merge errors on friendly or threat tracks, resulting in a more accurate COP.  RCTP has transitioned to the Maritime Tactical Command and Control (MTC2) system as part of the Open Track Manager (OTM), and has demonstrated significantly reduced operator time to manage COPs on multiple C2 nodes.