Software Engineering Job Opportunity

We are seeking enthusiastic full-time Software Engineers to design, develop, test, and maintain high-quality, innovative software at our Vienna, VA office.  U.S. citizenship is a requirement for employment. F1 Visas, green cards, and similar documentation are not sufficient for employment. Applicants must be industrious, highly self-motivated, and able to learn new technologies quickly.

Qualifications sought:

  • Preferred degrees: BS, MS and/or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering (including proficiency in mathematics courses)
  • Other degrees considered: BS, MS, and/or PhD in mathematical sciences, physics, mechanical or electrical engineering, or operations research with minor/concentration in computer science/engineering and/or software development experience in industry
  • Exceptional academic record (GPA 3.3 or higher)
  • Ability to be self-directing and work independently
  • Solid written and oral communication skills
  • Understanding of Object-Oriented Design and Programming
  • Strong problem solving, testing, and debugging skills
  • Linux/UNIX/Windows/C++/Java experience

We are a small, employee-owned firm with a 50+ year tradition of excellence in Operations Research, Mathematics, and Software Development.  We offer the following to our employees:

  • Casual work environment with flexible work hours
  • Competitive compensation plus bonuses, 401K with company contribution for retirement, professional leave with expense account and tuition reimbursement
  • 89% of health/dental insurance premium covered and HSA (Health Savings Account) fully funded OR cash-in-lieu of insurance (with proof of medical coverage elsewhere)
  • Private offices with ergonomic work stations in professional building with free parking

Interested candidates should submit their resume, academic transcripts, and cover letter to to apply for the open position in our Vienna, VA office.


Wagner’s 26 technical staff members have extensive domain and operational expertise in mathematical and other scientific disciplines. Thirteen hold PhD’s in the mathematical sciences and 8 hold Masters degrees. We have an experienced workforce with three quarters having five or more years of experience and one quarter having over 20 years of experience.


Dr. C. Allen Butler, President, located at our Hampton office, joined the firm in 1987 and holds a Ph.D. in functional analysis/optimization.

Dr. Scott S. Brown, Vice President and Manager of the Exton office, joined the firm in 1976 and holds a Ph.D. in logic from Princeton University. The Exton office has a technical staff of six, five with Ph.D.’s in the mathematical sciences.

Dr. Reynolds Monach, Vice President and Manager of the Hampton office, joined the firm in 1980 and holds a Ph.D. in number theory from the University of Michigan. The Hampton office’s technical staff consists of 19 employees with expertise in the areas of mathematics, statistics, and computer science, and seven of whom hold Ph.D.’s in the mathematical sciences.