Combat Air Identification Fusion Algorithm (CAIFA)/Composite Combat Identification (CCID) Reasoning Algorithm

Wagner was awarded a follow on BAA contract sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to enhance CAIFA, a Bayesian Network-based reasoning algorithm used to create and maintain an accurate air picture by providing a common algorithm for theater-wide identification.

CAIFA creates and maintains an accurate air picture through the fundamental objective of Composite Combat Identification (CCID) by providing common, theater-wide identification.  It resides within a GFE testbed that simulates the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) and JTIDS networks as the basis for distributing Combat ID attribute and declaration information.  Improved Combat ID is obtained by fusing various ID attributes from single platform sources and sensors in a distributed network environment.  The core of the inferential reasoning engine used to estimate target ID is a context dependent Bayesian Network.  CAIFA uses sophisticated, tunable, robust methods for translating different forms of data uncertainty (e.g. confusion matrices, confidence values, parameter estimates) into a form usable in the Bayesian Network.