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TruWeather Solutions Prototypes Urban Weather Sensing Infrastructure

DHWA has been mentioned in a recent article regarding our Urban Weather Testbed project.

Sensing Climate, Reducing the Weather Tax

DHWA has been mentioned in a recent Inside Unmanned Systems’ article  regarding our Weather Scout project.

Automated Active Sonar Interference Avoidance Algorithms (ASIA)

For NAVSEA, we developed algorithms and software to address the effects of mutual interference (MI) from active sonar systems, which can degrade the performance of sonar receivers.  Specifically, high noise and trailing reverberation can obscure real target detections, and excessive clutter can create

Detailed Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV) Modeling and Simulation System (DAMS)

Teamed with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Spatial Integrated Systems (SIS), we developed open system architecture (OSA) modeling and simulation (M&S) components that:

  • Simulate an entire environment using an intuitive user interface
  • Execute a complex scenario with

Retirement Spending Planner (RSP)

As employers move from defined-benefit to defined-contribution plans, and employees increasingly rely on IRA’s and 401k’s instead of traditional pensions, it has never been more important for individuals and their financial advisors to carefully and realistically plan for retirement. Such

Style Analysis

Style analysis determines the exposures of a fund to different asset classes, such as growth stocks or value stocks, by comparing the historical returns of the fund with the returns of the asset classes.  Our WAstyler does this in a Microsoft Excel workbook using a quadratic

MVO Library

The premier product in our suite of Mean-Variance Optimization software is the MVO Library. A limited version of the library is the optimization engine used by M-V Optimizer. While the MVO Library offers many advanced features, we can

M-V Optimizer

NOTE:  The entry-level M-V Optimizer product is no longer available for purchase, as its maintenance costs now exceed projected sales. For applications developers, website developers, or large-scale real-time traders, the MVO Library is the appropriate choice.

The Mean-Variance (M-V) Optimizer

Information Flow Prioritization Controller (IFPC)

Used within multiple projects for ONR and DARPA, the IFPC provides advanced filtering and compression techniques based on domain awareness and contextual understanding.  Filtering/compression approaches from the IFPC have been implemented within the Open Track Manager (OTM) as Zone Exchange Optimized

Decision Support for Dynamic Target Engagement (DS DTE)

Teamed with Penn State University and its Applied Research Lab, and under a subcontract to Solers, Inc., Daniel H. Wagner Associates developed an advanced information management architecture to provide timely and accurate decision support during dynamic target engagement. This agent-based information